Barry's Salt and Water

Congratulations to Atom AE Warriors on their Championship win at the Caledonia Challenge Cup!


For all those who have World Juniors Raffle tickets - please hand in ticket stubs and money as soon as possible.  Also, if you have unsold tickets, please return them so we can get them to those who are continuing to sell.  Please contact Nicki Pehlke at  npehlke@revitalyze.com

Picture Day
Team and individual pictures will be taken November 4th and 5th. Once schedules are available, they will be posted on the website, and also provided to team coaches.

Police Checks

If you are planning on coaching or participating at any level on the ice or bench with players, you MUST have a current police check. Please do not wait until mid-September to think about obtaining one.  They are free to to volunteers, simply contact a member of the executive or email at: simcoewarriors@gmail.com and we will provide you with a letter to take to the police station. If you had a police check completed for the 2013-14 season, you are only required to sign a declaration form.  After two years, a new police check is required. 

Permission to skate forms & NRP forms
If you require a Permission to skate or NRP form, please email the following information to thewalls@eastlink.ca 
  • Name of Player
  • Address of Player
  • Date of Birth
  • Association played for last year
  • Team played for last year
  • Date of try out
  • Contact information for parent

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